W.R.S Govt. College Dehri Established in 1972  Apply OnLine Admission

W.R.S Govt. College Dehri (H.P)

Contact Number 01893- 250024

Every College student automatically comes under the code of discipline in and outside the College. Any act of indiscipline will invite disciplinary action against the erring student (s). The code of discipline is as under:

  • Observation of the College rules and regulation is compulsory. Ignorance of the rules and regulations/orders issued from time to time is no excuse. Students are expected to go through the hand book of information and College notice board regularly. Defaulters may invite penalties.
  • Idle sitting on wayside leading to College, parapet junction, unauthorized places will constitute an act of indiscipline.
  • Every student is required to possess his/her valid identity card and show same to the College authorities on demand. A student without I-Card can be asked to leave the campus. Habitual
  • Offender may even be fined/handed over to police as an outsider.
  • Torturing, physically or mentally, the new students is not only socially heinous act but also legally made an offence, punishable under law. Any student found indulging in ragging will not only be expelled from the college, but also prosecuted as per provisions of the law. Beware you all.
  • The use of intoxicants including smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, pan masala etc. and use of drugs are totally banned in the College. Defaulters, if caught will invite strict disciplinary action that may include fine, temporary suspension from College and subsequently rustication from the College.
  • Bringing outsiders into the College campus without any valid official work by any College students will be considered a violation of code of conduct. The College Discipline Committee will initiate suitable action against such students. Parents/Guardians of the students can, however, meet their wards after seeking due permission from the Principal. They should not try to meet direct, there by disturbing the ongoing classes.
  • Writing slogans on walls, sticking bills of students organization, putting private notice on the notice-board without permission, writing obscene remarks on the black boards, or walls, or furniture, holding assembly in College premises or addressing an unauthorized assembly in the College campus, etc….., is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulged in such acts will be heavily fined or even expelled from the College.
  • No students are allowed to roam about in the college corridors, in front of classes, library or administrative block. Good students never require reminders for anything!
  • The College property is our own in the sense that is meant for use. Every student is supposed to maintain it and not damage. Any student found damaging the College Building, furniture, Electric fitting, fans, lab equipment etc. will be forced to compensate the matching amount of the items damaged. He can be even expelled from the College.
  • Rioting, slogan shouting, eve-teasing, misbehavior with students/teachers/others staff are serious acts of indiscipline and naturally call for severe punishment to be recommended by College Discipline Committee (CDC).
  • Any other activity which is considered unbecoming of a student by the CDC also calls for strictly action.
  • All attestations will be routed though the office Superintendent (showing all originals) and only then anyone eligible for attestation will put-his/her signatures.
  • Parents/Guardian are expected to keep contact with Principal of the College to know their ward’s progress. Office Phone No. 01893-250024 and01893-200179
  • No visitor shall enter direct into Principal’s cabin.
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