W.R.S Govt. College Dehri Established in 1972

W.R.S Govt. College Dehri (H.P)

Contact Number 01893- 250024

Following admission committees have been constituted for the smooth conduct of admissions. These Committees shall sit from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm strictly as per location indicated

Final Admission Committee
Smt. Kiran Kanta Arts & Commerce
Sh. Sukhpal Arts & Commerce
Sh. Dharmvir Singh Science
Sh. Dinesh Sharma Science
B.Com 1st & 3rd Semester and B.Com. III
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sports Room
Ms. Bandana Devi Sports Room
Sh. Shashi Kumar Sports Room
Ms. Sneh Lata Sports Room
Sh. Rohit Gandhi Sports Room
B.Sc. 1st Semester
Sh. Yogesh Paul Physics Lab
Sh. Sidharth Physics Lab
Sh. Bovinder Katoch Physics Lab
Sh. Kamal Singh Physics Lab
Sh. Vikas Bhasin Physics Lab
B.Sc. 3rd Semester
Dr. R.S. Chandel Botany Lab
Dr. Vikas Botany Lab
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Botany Lab
B.Sc. IIIYear
Sh. Sanjay Kumar Jasrotia Chemistry Lab
Dr. Akshay Kumar Chemistry Lab
Sh. Nrinder Singh Chemistry Lab
B.A. 1st Semester
Dr. Rajesh Attri College Library
Sh. Ashwani Kumar Sharma College Library
Dr. Vinod Kumar College Library
Dr. Ashish Ranjan College Library
Sh. Hakanwal Swarup Sharma College Library
Sh. Rakesh Kumar College Library
Dr. Manju Puri College Library
Dr. Amrit Lal Sharma College Library
B.A. 3rd Semester
Dr. Parmel Singh Smart Class Room
Ms. Reema Smart Class Room
Sh. Vivek Kumar Smart Class Room
B.A. III Years
Mrs. Neeru Thakur IT Lab
Dr. Suksham Kalia IT Lab
Sh. Manjeet Singh IT Lab
Ms. Monika Khanna IT Lab

Each Admission Committee will Ensure:

  • That all the columns in the admission form are duly filled by the candidate himself/herself.
  • That important column such as Date of birth, permanent address, chronological academic record, right from 10th onwards, are checked and verified. Gaps, if any, to be pointed out in red link.
  • That any declaration to be sought must be written in candidates won handwriting. It must be pointed out in the column, “for office use”.
  • That a student seeking admission in the college is accompanied by his/her father/mother or guardian, and the photograph, pasted on the PTA membership form entitling to vote in the PTA Election, must be of father/mother of guardian having blood relation with the candidate. A college student can’t act as somebody’s guardian. Wrongly approved, if any, shall be the responsibility of a committee involved.
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